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Vegan lifestyle

'Healthy and good'

All guests should feel very welcome here with us. We have expanded our extensive breakfast offer to provide numerous plant-based alternatives, so everyone can dine and savour to their heart's content, freely in keeping with the maxim, 'Because I can if I want – not 'must' or 'ought to' …'
Whether you are a meat lover, vegetarian, vegan or have an allergy – no guest should feel they have to come down to breakfast with their own plant-based milk tucked under their arm, to then, at best, be content with just some bread and jam and porridge. Alas this is still not the case in many hotels, but the idea of alternatives has long taken hold here with us. Some of our family are completely vegan - so you are in good company here with us.
We passionately make a lot of produce ourselves because it is very important to us to make this world a little bit better - and because it is 'healthy and good'. Anyone who would like to try this lifestyle, even just for a few days, will quickly notice the change, particularly out on the piste . . .

Providing a selection of vegan meals is particularly important to us and we are also happy to give advice to guests who are somewhat curious to discover this lifestyle for themselves, and even after a few days a positive change can be felt. 
We regularly magic up vegan interpretations of Pinzgau specialities – we will also soon be offering vegan cookery courses. Why not ;-)

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