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Our evening cuisine

Well-intentioned, with vegan options too

In the summer months when the weather is good, we organise a barbecue evening for you once a week. Other than that, during the season we serve cold dishes; there are countless restaurants nearby should you want to enjoy a hot meal. Nowadays in the winter months, for the sake of our son, we have reduced what we serve in the evenings.On a maximum of three evenings a week we offer a well thought-out evening menu. Here too we do of course invite you to choose from two menus. Incidentally, we heartily recommend the vegan 'cheese dumplings', which Karin magics up each week and which don't lie as heavy in your stomach in the evening as the original version ;-)

Don't expect Toque-awarded cuisine here with us, but a good evening meal two or three times a week in the winter months. And to make sure the culinary signature is always we same, we prepare meals ourselves.
There are also other fantastic restaurants nearby where you will be indulged.

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